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Welcome to Smiles Today Dental, your local dentistry office! Devoted to general, preventative, and cosmetic dental care and services, our professionally trained dentists help you to maintain good oral health using our state-of-the-art equipment, modern advances in dentistry in Las Vegas, and the knowledge they have gained through years of industry-specific training.

We invite you to relax and smile, because you are in good hands today and every day at our dental offices. It is our greatest satisfaction to deliver the services you need in the comfort of our offices, where one of our goals is to care for our patients’ dental needs with an exceptional chair-side manner. Your comfort is important to our dentists, and toward that goal, we ensure a pain-free experience that keeps you smiling from start to finish.

Our professionally trained dentists understand that many patients are afraid to come in for dental work because of the fear created in the past when their dentists didn’t numb the mouth properly to avoid unnecessary pain. This type of experience causes people to avoid getting the dental services they need. Our motto is to make sure that all of our patients undergo pain-free dental procedures performed with precision and care, because every smile is important to us. They make sure that there is no fear when it comes to the dentist, because they properly numb the patient so the entire experience is pain-free.

In fact, our dentists take great satisfaction in providing pain-free dental services for all of our patients. You should never have to neglect your oral health because of a fear of the dentist. Here at Smiles Today Dental, we offer a comfortable atmosphere, creating a serene experience, and we pride ourselves on our ability to minimize the pain associated with many types of dental procedures.

Our dentists can assist you in making an informed decision about the services and treatment options that you need in order to ensure optimal oral health. Some of the services that we offer include:

General Exams and Cleanings, Fillings for cavities, ExtractionsImplants, Braces, Bridges, Root canals, Abscesses, Periodontal cleanings, Crowns and Dentures.

Now you can have the smile that you’ve always wanted with affordable dental services provided by a full-service dental office offering the convenience of free transportation. Our dental assistants explain everything that is going to happen so that you can relax and know what to expect. Even if your fear is warranted due to a previous experience, we can increase your comfort level in being at a dentist office. We can minimize the pain of visiting and increase the comfort in being at a dentist office because our professionals strive to understand the individual needs of every patient. Seven different languages are spoken at our offices, and Medicaid and most insurance are accepted.


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