Here at Smiles Today Dental, we strive to help you create a smile that you can wear with confidence. We provide a full range of basic and advanced dental services to our patients, enabling them to achieve and maintain exceptional oral health along with the beauty of their smile. Our dentists are well-trained and have the skills needed to complete a full smile makeover when needed.


Our extensive range of dental procedures and services includes everything from annual cleanings and x-rays to root canals and crowns to implants and dentures. We keep the entire family in mind, providing wisdom tooth extraction, dental sealants, and dentures so that everyone is covered by our services no matter how old or young they are.


If you need assistance in choosing the dental treatment that is right for you, our highly skilled and trained dentist can assist you during your consultation. Our Las Vegas dentists do their best to address your dental problems, locating a solution that will fit your lifestyle and financial circumstances.


Our in-house lab and convenient location enables us to deliver fast turnaround on all of your dental needs. Since we accept most dental insurances and Medicaid, we are in a position to help most people from the moment they first step into our offices.


Why hide behind your hand when you talk or hold the newspaper up in front of your face? Stop avoiding family gatherings because your smile has deteriorated over the years due to a lack of proper dental care. The offices of Smiles Today Dental is proud to be in a position to offer you the dental services you need today to get your smile back up and grinning from ear to ear.


No matter what type of dental procedure you need, we can make it less scary for you. We can walk you through the entire procedure before you come in for your scheduled visit to undergo the procedure. Dentistry has come a long way since the days when fear of the dentist was understandable. Today, the world of dentistry is gentler and kinder. Let us bring your smile back to 100% and contact us now to schedule an appointment!

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