Even if you regularly visit your dentist twice a year for your bi-annual exam and cleaning, your teeth can suddenly develop excruciating pain that just won’t stop. You suddenly find yourself in need of an appointment on the same day that you call. Don’t worry, because we have you covered! Smiles Today Dental provides same-day appointments to patients who really need them.

Perhaps you have suffered a sports injury and have lost a tooth. Maybe you are experiencing the drainage of pus from your gums along with terrible pain. One of your teeth might have fractured, chipped, or completely broken into pieces, and you need immediate relief from the pain. 

Don’t wait until tomorrow; call us today and come into our office for the treatment you need to bring back your smile.

When over-the-counter pain management medication cannot stop the pain, you can be relatively sure that your problem is more than a simple toothache caused by a cavity. As your Las Vegas dentist, we want you to know that we care about your health and well-being. Our dental specialists are only a phone call away, and they are ready, willing, and capable of putting your pain to rest so you can get through the next few days. Visit or call us today. Smiles Today Dental offers same day service for all types of emergencies so that you don’t have to suffer in pain needlessly.

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