Give your confidence and image this brace!

The chances of being born with perfectly aligned teeth are very slim and lucky are the few who are blessed with perfect teeth. For the many that are not, braces provide an effective solution.

What is the biggest benefit in wearing braces?

There’s no doubt that the biggest difference is in your smile. Straight well-formed teeth can make your smile more infectious. Further, you’ll enjoy improved self-confidence and esteem. Braces can also improve the way you chew your food and this reduces unnecessary stress on your teeth. Straighter teeth can aid in keeping your gums healthy which in turn leads to good dental hygiene.

What are the other benefits?

Wearing braces can also change your eating habits in a positive way. When you chew your food properly it increases enzyme production and this aids the digestive process. Dental problems due to irregular teeth can cause plaque (the buildup of bacteria on teeth that destroys the protective enamel) which in turn can lead to gum diseases and periodontal issues.

When is the right time to wear a brace?

Orthodontists (the dental specialists who treat malocclusions – misaligned teeth and bite) recommend that the right age is during the growing stage. Post 2000, dental technologies have advanced and now clear braces are the standard dental treatment for adults.

Tell me more about clear braces for adults?

Clear braces can be removed when eating and then later put back again. Further, you can remove them when brushing as well. The plastic retainers function exactly like the wire and metal retainers. Over time you’ll see a positive change as your teeth will straighten out and you won’t have alignment issues anymore. Uneven wear and tear of the teeth is also prevented. In the long run, you’ll avoid expensive restorations.

Can anybody get clear braces?

Not everyone is a right fit for clear braces as your overall dental health is a major deciding factor. Get a consultation with an experienced orthodontist to get a clear picture of whether you qualify.

Why is it necessary to get braces when young?

Children who enjoy a positive self-image grow up in a healthy atmosphere. Today, peer pressure and low self-esteem can greatly impact their developmental process. Sometimes, simple things such as having a beautiful smile and straight teeth can go a long way in enhancing self confidence in a child. Apart from social benefits, a child with straight teeth is less prone to dental-related injury and it improves basic oral hygiene, resulting in fewer problems as the child grows.

What are the different types of braces?

There are many types of braces worn by people of different ages. Damon braces are the most popular as it is self-ligating and involves a slide mechanism instead of plastic. Then there are Forus appliances, Ceramic braces, Palatal expanders and Clear braces. Check with your orthodontist which type will be best suited for your dental needs.

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